Winter 2019

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The Good Money Issue

From the Editors

Introduction: The Good Money Issue

"The United States is one of the richest countries in the world. So why can’t we have X?” We hear this question all the time, where X is universal health care, affordable education, reliable infrastructure … take your pick.

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Why Co-ops and Community Farms Can’t Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Circulating local dollars can’t create wealth when there’s not enough to begin with.
Zenobia Jeffries Warfield

Why Universal Basic Income Is Not the Solution We Think It Is

The racial wealth gap is real. But a guaranteed income is not going to fix it.
Ed Whitfield

Here’s Enough Money to Pay Off All Millennials’ Student Debt

The largest intergenerational wealth transfer ever is on its way.
Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz

One Way to Skip Wall Street and Invest in Your Community

Take it from someone who gave away his inheritance 35 years ago: The act of distributing your wealth will propel you forward.
Chuck Collins

Standing Rock’s Surprising Legacy: A Push for Public Banks

The effort to divest from Wall Street—and stop environment-killing projects gained momentum after the historic pipeline protest. Here’s what a city needs, and could gain, from municipal banking.
Deonna Anderson

The Co-op That’s Keeping Community Money Out of Big Banks

How marginalized groups are working to counteract historical wealth inequality.
Ivy Brashear

Foundations Have a Not-So-Charitable Secret

Philanthropic organizations invest about 93 percent of their money in Wall Street. But they are starting to make better choices.
Chris Winters

This Kind of Wealth Really Can Solve Our Problems

A life devoted to frugality taught me about “natural wealth” and the value of investing in community.
Vicki Robin

Solutions We Love

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This Is the Only Plant That Can Save Monarch Butterflies

Monarchs lay their eggs on this perennial wildflower along their migratory path to Canada. Plant it now and be nature’s ultimate wingman.
Terri Hansen

For Cookbook Author, Food Is an Ally Against Dementia

She can’t remember recipes, and food doesn’t taste the same, but Paula Wolfert believes that what she eats is key to helping her slow her cognitive decline.
Linda Ingroia

Our Ladies of Perpetual Activism: Nuns for Social Justice

These spirited sisters act to change the world in specific ways.
Liz Brazile & Sydney Worth

Culture Shift

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Why Rituals Are Good for Your Health

Research shows rituals reduce anxiety, improve performance and confidence—and even work on people who don’t believe in them.
Ari Honarvar

How Native and White Communities Make Alliances to Protect the Earth

Tribal nations have always been on the front lines of environmental protection. Now their neighbors are catching up.
Mary Annette Pember

Telling the Truth as a Means of Healing

A new documentary shows how one state is confronting Native American child removal.
Abaki Beck

10 Podcasts That Every Social Justice Nerd Should Listen To

These shows inspire, teach, advocate, and provoke.
Ciara O'Rourke