The Page That Counts :: Winter 2007

Image of a glas of milk

Percentage by which caloric intake from milk decreased in the United States from 1977 to 2001: 38

Age range in which the largest decrease occurred: 2-18

Percentage by which caloric intake from soft drinks increased in the United States in this time: 135 [1]

Percentage of 523 school districts surveyed that have a contract with a soft drink company: 50

Percentage of these school districts that receive money from the soft drink sales made in their schools: 80 [2]


Image of a swingset

Percentage of 16,000 American elementary schools surveyed that have eliminated recess or may do so: 40 [3]

Approximate percentage by which clinical obesity in children ages 6-19 has increased in the past thirty years: 200 [4]


Rank of the word “mother” in a survey of 42,000 English-speakers' favorite words: 1 [5]

Number of times Massachusetts father Dick Hoyt has enabled his handicapped son to compete in triathlons by pushing his wheelchair through the entire race: 206 [6]


Image of a pair of red shoes

Average price of sneakers endorsed by an NBA player: $150

Price of new sneakers conceived of and endorsed by NBA player Stephon Marbury: $14.95

Number of dollars Marbury will receive for endorsing these sneakers: 0 [7]


Image of planet earth. wikicommons

Percentage of Americans who agree with the statement, “the free enterprise system and free market economy is the best system on which to base the future of the world”: 71

Percentage of the French who agree with this statement: 36

Percentage of the Chinese who agree with this statement: 74 [8]

Number of Earth-sized planets needed if global resource consumption matched that of the United States: 3 [9]


Year in which China stopped receiving food aid from the U.N. World Food Programme: 2005

Year in which China emerged as the world's third largest food aid donor: 2005 [10]


Percentage of Americans who agree that arts are vital to providing children a well-rounded education: 93

Percentage of Americans who agree that arts education improves children's attitudes toward school: 86 [11]

Number of U.S. states that implemented budget cuts to arts funding in 2003: 42[12]


Image of a tree branch. wikicommons

Miles of roadside land reserved for a tree-planting campaign in the Philippines in August, 2006: 2,137

Number of minutes volunteers were given to plant as many saplings as they could: 30

Estimated number of volunteers who participated in the campaign: 1,000,000

Estimated number of trees that were planted: 500,000 [13]


Image of Charlie Chaplin. wikicommons

Place Charlie Chaplin won in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest, which he entered under a false name: 3 [14]



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Fall 2007

Percentage of studies reporting favorable results for a medication if they are funded by the drug’s producers: 80 Percentage reporting favorable results if conducted with no industry support: 50

YES! Magazine graphic
Winter 2008

Percentage of Iranians who favor normal relations and trade with the United
States: 68
Percentage of Iranians who strongly support a
democratic system: 79


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