The Page That Counts :: Fall 2000

Number of mosquitoes a pipistrelle, Britain⤙s most common bat, eats on a warm summer night: 3,000 (1)


Amount of water per day Americans use to flush toilets: 4.8 billion gallons (2)

Percentage of daily water use saved during Sigmota, Sweden⤙s annual Pee Outside Day: 50 (3)


Current gasoline prices in dollars per gallon in Germany: $3.86

in the United Kingdom: $4.81

in the United States: $1.64 (4)


Percent of teens who say parents don⤙t spend enough time with their children: 73 (5)


Speed a mountain lion can sprint: 35 mph

Distance a mountain lion can leap: 40 feet

Height a mountain lion can jump: 12 ⤓ 15 feet

Average number of deer a mountain lion eats ⤉per year: 50 (6)


Number of baby boomers who will turn 50 every minute from now until 2014: 7 (7)


Percent of the world⤙s wealth controlled by the top 500 corporations in 1997: 42 (8)


Amount Coke or Pepsi will pay schools per student for exclusive sales rights on campus: $10⤓$20 (9)


Yield of genetically engineered soy plants compared to non-engineered plants in a recent study by the University of Nebraska: 6⤓11% lower (10)


Estimated percent of insects, nematodes, worms, and fungus species that have been discovered: 10%

Estimated percent of bacteria and other microorganism species discovered to date: 1% (11)


Share of all bird species in danger of extinction: 11%

Share of all fish species in danger of extinction: 34%

Share of all mammal species in danger of extinction: 25% (12)


Number of vertebrate species who depend on prairie dogs for food and/or habitat: 59

Birds: 20

Mammals: 21

Reptiles: 5

Amphibians: 4 (13)


Ratio of goods and services consumed by an average American compared to an average Chinese: 50:1 (14)



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