The Page That Counts :: Spring 1997

Percentage growth in sales of the world's 500 largest multi-national corporations
in the last 20 years: 700%
Percentage growth in employment numbers in same period of time: 0% 1
Miles the average sixth-grader doodles during the school year: 1.3 miles 2
Percentage of people in the developing world in 1975-1980 who had access to clean water: 40%
Percentage who had access to clean water in 1990-1995: 68% 3
Number of low-flow toilets installed in Los Angeles since 1988: over 600,000
Number of acre-feet of water saved annually: 25,000
Amount saved in annual water costs: $15 million 4
Amount spent each year on electricity to operate all the exit signs in buildings in the US: $1 billion 5
Approximate number of square miles of grass lawns in the US, more than any other crop: 50,000
Annual amount spent by Americans to ensure grass does not do what it would do if left untended: $30 billion 6
Ratio of non-junk to junk in the typical American household: roughly 1:10 7
Number of people living in vulnerable areas if global warming produces
 a 50-centimeter rise in sea level: 92 million
Number of people living in vulnerable areas if global warming
produces a one-meter rise in sea level: 118 million 8
Pounds of yak hair used since 1982 in the Broadway
production of Cats: 2,488 lbs 9
Percentage of Harvard's senior arts and sciences
faculty who are women: 11.5%
Percentage of all tenured arts and sciences faculty
in America who are women: 24.5% 10
Average number of bacteria in a pound of US mud: 455 billion 11
Number of LETS schemes in the UK: 400
Number of credit unions in the UK: 500
Number of recycling schemes in the UK: 500
Number of people in the UK participating in Global Action Plan
to reduce energy use and household consumption: 10,000 12

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