The Page That Counts :: Summer 1998

Number of homeless in a recent US survey who cite gambling as a cause of their situation: 1 in 5

Percentage who believe that the prevalence of gambling opportunities makes it difficult

for them to put their lives back together: 70% 1

Number of homeless people in the US estimated to be suffering

from severe and persistent mental illness: 22%-48% 2


Number of people killed in the US in highway accidents: 42,000

Number of highway deaths in the US attributed to “road rage”: 28,000 3


Factor by which male readership of Sports Illustrated increases for the swimsuit edition: 2 4

Approximate amount the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue will net

in tobacco and alcohol advertising: $4.28 million

Amount the Miller Brewing Company paid for a 12-page beer ad

in the 1997 swimsuit issue: $2.1 million 5


Estimated profit that would be earned by a YES!  swimsuit issue featuring staff and

volunteers in trendy beachwear: minus $1,250 6


Percentage of US junior high and high schools that require students to view Channel One,

a 12-minute daily news and advertising program: 40%

Percentage of Channel One time devoted to commercials: 16%

Amount of money Channel One costs taxpayers annually in lost classroom time: $1.8 billion 7


Amount upon birth that a child in Tanzania owes to international creditors: $250 8


Percentage increase of lawyers in Washington, DC, in the past seven years: 23%

Number of lawyers currently in Washington, DC: 68,328, (or 1 for every 8 residents) 9


Probability that a Banks, Georgia, resident will be an Elvis fan,

compared to the average American: 250 times 10


Amount the average 50 year-old American has saved for retirement: $2,300 11


Number of the 17 major world fishing areas that have reached or exceeded their natural limits: 17

Portion of fish caught worldwide that are ground up and fed to livestock: 1/3 12



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