The Page That Counts :: Winter 2003

Known varieties of apples lost between 1903 and 1983: 86.2%
of lettuce: 92.8%
of asparagus: almost 98% (1)

Number of gallons of water required to produce one car: 105,000

Number of gallons of wastewater produced by computer manufacturers in the US each year: 79 billion

Number of gallons of bottled water sold in the year 2000: 22.3 billion

Tons of plastics used by the bottled water industry each year: 1.5 million (2)

Photovoltaic energy generation worldwide in 1980: 6.5 megawatts
In 2001: 390.5 megawatts

Wind energy generation worldwide in 1980: 10 megawatts
In 2001: 24,800 megawatts (3)

Estimated increase in US prescription drug spending between 1998 and 2000: 40%

Best-selling category of prescription medicines in 2000: antidepressants (4)

Difference in student test scores between classrooms with the most daylighting compared to those with the least: 7% to 18% (5)

Increase in per capita higher education spending in Texas from 1980 to 2000: 37%

Increase in prison spending: 401%
Three states with highest increases in prison spending: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas (6)

Percentage of women in the US who will have one abortion by age 45: 43

Percentage of abortions worldwide that are performed illegally: 43 (7)

Percentage of gay/lesbian couples who split up during a 12-year comparative study of 84 couples: 20
Of straight couples: 40 (8)

Number of cigarettes consumed in industrial nations in 1962: 1,546 billion
In 2001: 2,201 billion

Number of cigarettes consumed in developing nations in 1962: 625 billion
In 2001: 3,186 billion (9)

Rank of the year 2000 among years from 1968 to 2000 for accidental oil spills: lowest

When spills from deliberate attacks on tankers, oil fields, and pipelines are included: highest(10)

Increase in memory retention of gum-chewers over non-chewers during testing: 35%(11)

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