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In Defense of Netflix and Chill: 130 Hours a Year Not Watching Ads

And 21 other facts you should know.

Feb 16, 2016

Percentage of cellphone owners who check their phone for messages even when they didn’t get a notification: 67

Percentage of American Internet users who describe their usage as constant: 21 (1)

Percentage of adults who struggle to restrict their phone use while supervising children: 44 (2)

New cases of HIV in Portugal among injection drug users (IDUs) in 2000: 1,482

New cases of HIV in Portugal among IDUs in 2013 (12 years after decriminalizing all drugs): 78 (3)

Percent change in drug use among young people in Portugal between 2000 and 2013: -2 (4)

Average price of solar panels for a U.S. home in 1998: $12/watt (5) 

Average price of solar panels for a U.S. home in 2014: $3.48/watt (6)

Approximate number of U.S. homes generating solar energy as of 2015: 700,000 (7)

State abortion restrictions enacted between 2001 and 2010: 189

State abortion restrictions enacted between 2011 and 2013: 205 (8)

States that directly fund anti-abortion organizations through the sale of pro-life license plates: 15 (9)

Miles from Lubbock, Texas, to the nearest clinic providing abortion services: 290 (10)

Percent change in National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) requests (the most reliable indication of U.S. gun purchasing trends) from 2005–2015: +258

Total NICS firearm checks in last 10 years: 160,303,181 (11)

Percent change in American households with guns from 2004–2014: -3.7 (12)

Number of Netflix subscribers as of the end of 2015: 75 million

Total hours streamed during the first quarter of 2015: 10 billion (13)

Hours a Netflix subscriber saves annually not watching advertisements: 130 (14)

Percentage of LGBT students who felt unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation in 2013: 55.5

Among LGBT students at schools with a Gay-Straight Alliance: 46

At schools with an inclusive curriculum (i.e., one with positive representations of LGBT people, history, or events): 34.8 (15)

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Editor’s note: This story was previously published under the headline “15 States Fund Anti-abortion Groups By Selling ‘Choose Life’ License Plates,” which inaccurately implied that pro-choice license plates were not also available in some of those states.

Keith Barbalato
Keith Barbalato is a former editorial intern for YES!
Joe Scott
Joe Scott is a freelance writer making free zines in Seattle. Joe is a former editorial intern for YES!