Winter 2022

Table of Contents

A New Social Justice

From the Editors

Introduction: A New Social Justice

The theme for our 100th issue was inspired by the political earthquake of 2020 and the butterfly model of transformative social justice.

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The Third Reconstruction

New momentum in the continuing march toward a more equitable society.
Zenobia Jeffries Warfield & Anoa Changa

Justice at the Heart of Climate Activism

The modern environmental justice movement understands the health of the planet and well-being of people are connected.
Breanna Draxler

Lending on Character, Not Credit Scores

Conventional banking hasn't worked for businesses owned by people of color. But a new network is designed to get money flowing fairly to BIPOC economies.
Chris Winters

Awakenings: The Collaborations That Create Change

Movements adapt and evolve toward a new social justice.
Natalie Peart & Sonali Kolhatkar

Put Philanthropy on the Front Lines

How to decolonize wealth through reparations.
Edgar Villanueva

When Reparations Grow From the Grassroots

Until federal reparations happen, local organizations across the country are stepping up.
Ray Levy Uyeda

The Healing Work of Returning Stolen Lands

The Wiyot Tribe regained its sacred island home after decades of unrelenting prayer and relationship-building.
PennElys Droz

Solutions We Love

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Indigenous Foodways

A Moon-Inspired Menu

Following a lunar-inspired menu means eating seasonal and hyperlocal ingredients.
Valerie Segrest
People We Love

Fighting Back for Abortion Rights

As more states enact punitive laws restricting abortions, reproductive justice organizations look for new ways to regain ground and expand their movements.
Natalie Peart

Culture Shift

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A Bigger Picture Gives Our Ancestors Their Full Humanity

“The Dawn of Everything” confronts deep assumptions about how human society developed from its humble origins.
Jared Spears

By Tracing Addiction to Childhood Trauma, Can We Find Compassion?

“Our job, as human beings, is to learn from our suffering.”
Travis Lupick

Reverberations as a Generation Takes a Knee

With a simple gesture, Colin Kaepernick started a movement.
Alex Gallo-Brown