Fall 2021

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How Much Is Enough?

From the Editors

Getting to Enough

What is enough?

The question is relative, and can be asked and answered in a number of ways. Answers may vary from quantitative to qualitative responses.

We had this in mind when considering the question of enoughness: What is enough money, time, work, food, stuff?

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Enough for Everyone

Given the current climate emergency and the broader ecological breakdown that looms, there are few issues more pressing than that expressed by the single word: enough. Yet, it is possible to satisfy humanity’s universal needs fairly—and keep the world livable.
Stan Cox

Less Work, More Living

Movements such as the four-day workweek, right to disconnect, and fair workweek aim to save our sanity and the planet.
Elaine Meyer

Lack of Housing Is Not the Problem

One parcel at a time, Bay Area activists are pushing for land trust housing to decommodify land and take properties out of an unjust market.
Andrew Lee

Helping the Rich Let Go

A new generation of wealth advisers helps wealthy people give away their money instead of hoard it.
Chuck Collins

Building Community by Buying Nothing

“It’s like a radical new economy, except of course it’s an old economy that has been around forever.”
Lornet Turnbull

Meditations on Enough

5 meditations on what “enough” means, from food to rest to diversity.
Leah Penniman & Tricia Hersey & Cat Brooks & Anne-Laure Le Cunff & Glenn E. Singleton & Andrea Haynes Johnson

Where the Search for Simplicity Leads

Living simply can help us challenge society’s inequities, live in alignment with nature, and build community.
Megan Sweas

Solutions We Love

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Indigenous Foodways

Wildflower Apothecary

7 recipes to turn plants into medicine.
Valerie Segrest
Small Works

Enough Is Enough

What are you willing to give up?
Sarah Lazarovic
People We Love

Going Beyond Composting

3 composters who are thinking about the soil as well as better food waste systems.
Natalie Peart

Culture Shift

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Gaza, a Surprising Model for Urban Living

Gaza has been forced to rely on high-efficiency solutions for political reasons. Soon, the rest of the world will have to do so for climate-related reasons.
Charles Mudede

Beyond “Bridgerton”: Facing Up to Slavery in Europe

This history is visible, but only if you know where to look.
Ruth Terry

The YES! Crossword: Enough Is Enough

We know you can’t get enough of our puzzles.
Patrick Blindauer