Spring 2022

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Personal Journeys

From the Editors

Introduction: Personal Journeys

Your work starts with you. 

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A Journey From Rage to Mindfulness

An approach to examining systems, navigating emotional distress, and increasing social harmony.
Ruth King

Nectar Nomad in the Land of Enchantment

What bees taught me about building community.
Melanie M. Kirby

Healing Generational Trauma

For Black and Indigenous communities, it takes more than therapy and medicine to tackle mental illness. We need a holistic approach.
Jasmin Joseph

Being the Change

Living sustainably can serve as quiet persuasion for those who may be turned off by scolding and hypocrisy.
Rachel Powell Horne

Reforming Laws From Behind Bars

Prison reformists—many of whom are serving long sentences—have united to change the cruel and arbitrary carceral system.
Christopher Blackwell

How Vulnerability Creates Change

Sharing a deeply personal story with the world helped me realize that vulnerability is a powerful tool to create change and inspire others to follow along.
Mike De Socio

Letting Go of Myths, Embracing Truths

By first transforming and reimagining ourselves, we all have an opportunity before us to truly transform our organizations and reimagine our work.
Shawn Ginwright

Solutions We Love

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Indigenous Foodways

Rediscovering Nature and Myself

This spring, focus on reconnecting to foodways as a means to reconnect to your inner self during this season of emergence, renewal, and growth.
Valerie Segrest
Small Works

Drawing a Path to Action

Finding your place in the fight against the climate crisis doesn’t have to be rocket science.
Sarah Lazarovic
People We Love

Preventing Prison and Recidivism

These three activists are working to support people at risk of either going to prison for the first time or returning to prison after release.
Chris Winters

Culture Shift

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Taking Back Our Focus

In "Stolen Focus," Johann Hari unplugs from digital media and regains his concentration.
Travis Lupick

On Unraveling and Resilience

In a world unraveling due to climate change, an environmental scientist looks to Indigenous stories of resilience.
Alejandro Frid

A Handbook for Abolitionists

Patrisse Cullors’ new book offers guidance for personal, as well as systemic, change. Breaking the cycle of harm starts with us.
Nikkita Oliver

The YES! Crossword: Leader of the Pack

Play the puzzle from our Personal Journeys issue.
Patrick Blindauer