Julie Quiroz grows community by nurturing culture, narrative, and story to rebirth a world of loving, joyful, regeneration. In 2020 Julie helped spark the creation of Birth Center Equity, a network of Black, Indigenous, people of color-led community birth centers. Julie has been a core team member since BCE’s birth, now serving as BCE’s director of narrative strategy. Julie collaborates with people and organizations across the birth justice ecosystem to co-create Birth Center Week, and was proud to be part of the creation and release of Midwifing Justice, an artistic video exploring the true history and future of midwifery in the United States. As a strategist who centers narrative and cultural power, Julie led New Moon Collaborations, where she continues to publish a blog every new moon. She also led New Moon Productions, where she partnered with Jason Walker to produce video stories including Lead With Us: Birth Detroit, and Colorado Birth Equity Victory. Hear Julie’s voice in What is Cultural Strategy? And How To Seed, Feed & Feel Into A Worldview of Plenty. Julie was born in Michigan (where the summer sun sets at 10 p.m.) with Ecuadorian and American roots. She’s the solo mama of a fabulous 23-year-old. Julie lives in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, where she supports local leadership in regenerating midwifery and ancestral agriculture, and dances salsa almost every night. She speaks English and Spanish.