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Percentage by which the average American household's stock portfolio underperforms the market: 1.44 (1)

Percentage by which portfolios of corporate insiders outperform the market, on average: about 5

Percentage by which stock portfolios of U.S. Senators outperform the market: 12 (2)


Number of theatres in which the third movie in the Left Behind series was shown on opening night: 0

Number of churches in which it was shown: 3,200

Number of churches in 1981 that attracted more than 2,000 people per week: less than 50

Number today: more than 1,200 (3)


Percentage by which people with “above average” looks earn more money than average: 5

Percentage by which people with “below average” looks earn less money than average: 9 (4)


Height of the average American male: 5'9”

Height of the average Fortune 500 corporate CEO: 6'

Percentage of Fortune 500 CEOs 6'2” or taller: 30

Percentage of all American men 6'2” or taller: 3.9 (5)


Percentage increase in worker productivity in the non-farm business sector in the third quarter of 2005: 4.7

Percentage decrease in real hourly compensation for the same workers: 1.4 (6)


Projected total cost of the Iraq war, according to a January 2006 study: about $2 trillion

Pre-war cost estimate, which was rejected at the time by a White House economic advisor as being “very, very high”: $200 billion (7)


Number of states in which there is only one facility that provides abortions: 3

Number of doctors residing in South Dakota who perform abortions: 0

Number of days per week when women can receive abortions at South Dakota's lone abortion facility: 1 (8)


Amount for which competitors in the Visit Scotland Adventure Triathlon were insured against an attack by the Loch Ness Monster: £1 million (9)


Number of hybrid taxis introduced to New York City's taxi fleet in November 2005: 6

Total number of taxis in the New York fleet: about 13,000

Number of years in which New York officials hope to have converted the city's entire fleet: 5 (10)


Number of federal economic and tax benefits and protections afforded to legally married couples that are not available to same-sex or other “unorthodox” couples: 1,138 (11)


Percentage of U.S. adolescents ages 10-14 who have tried smoking: 10

Percentage of that group who did so because they saw smoking in movies: 38 (12)


Number of US subscribers to broadband internet access in 1995: 0

Number in 2003: 25.1 million

Number worldwide in 1995: 0

Number in 2003: 91.1 million (13)


Percentage of Americans in 1996 who accessed the internet for news and political information: 20 (14)

Percentage of Americans in 2004 who did so: 51 (15)


Amount of a grant awarded by the Department of Homeland Security to the State of Kentucky to keep terrorists from using Bingo and other forms of “charitable gaming” to raise money: 36,300 (16)


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