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What is it about cities that enables them to move forward while the nation as a whole is stalled?

An urban revolution has cities across the country becoming hotbeds of democracy and progressive innovation. Here are the most exciting ways cities are leading us into the future.




Times Square Musicians photo by Mo Riza

Urban Comeback: How Cities Are Leading Us Into the Future

At a time when nations are gridlocked and corrupted by special interests, cities are taking on poverty, social isolation, and the climate crisis.



Medellin Posters photo from Pazamanos foundation

How Gondolas and Hip Hop Transformed the Most Dangerous City in the World

Medellín went from being ground zero of Colombia's drug war to UN poster child for urban equality—and the people made it happen, by designing the city they wanted.


Biking in Cities

Want to See How Governments Make Real Progress? Look to the Cities Tackling Our Biggest Problems

New energy is transforming our cities into hotbeds of democracy and progressive innovation.

Bike lanes

10 Climate Conscious Cities—Electric Cars, Rooftop Farms, and Other Ways They’re Preparing for the Future

There’s no time to waste when it comes to acting on climate change. The world’s most forward-thinking cities are curbing carbon and building for a sustainable future, now.


LA Imports Nearly 85 Percent of Its Water—Can It Change That by Gathering Rain?

The urban drainage-ways of Los Angeles can never quite look like wild creeks, but restoring some of their capacity to store, slow, and filter water fixes many problems at once.

Urban Farming

Urban Farming, One Vacant Lot At A Time

Community land trusts work to ensure affordable housing, and they also are helping new city farmers get land.

Future Cities

Can You Imagine a City Where Trees and Swing Sets Matter More Than Cars?

As we reimagine our future cities, we can make room for nature and humanity.

Detroit Water

When the City Turned Off Their Water, Detroit Residents and Groups Delivered Help

Grassroots action has backed down the city's aggressive water shutoffs.

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Ken War

Meet the Lobstermen Arrested for Blocking a Coal Freighter—and the DA Who Kept Them Out of Jail

Last spring, these men were in a small white lobster boat anchored to block the path of an oncoming freighter hauling 40,000 tons of coal. They didn't expect the District Attorney to support them.

Half-mile dinner by Andy King

Photo Essay: At a Half-Mile-Long Table, Chefs, Farmers, and Volunteers Feed a Neighborhood for Free

In St. Paul, Minnesota, artist Seitu Jones wanted to start a community-wide conversation about food access and food justice—and where better to talk than over a good meal?