The Page That Counts :: Summer 2000

Percentage of Americans who would be comfortable buying a used car from George W. Bush: 39%
Percentage of Americans who would be comfortable buying a used car from Al Gore: 34% 1
Number of days a cockroach can live without its head before starving to death: 9 2
Number of acres of US land covered by lawns: 20,000,000
Number of hours of lawn mowing it takes to produce the same amount of emissions as driving a car 50 hours: 1 3
Amount of waste rock removed to make an average pair of wedding bands: 360 cubic feet 4
Amount of money a 238-acre farm nets per acre: $56
Amount of money a 6,709-acre farm nets per acre: $12 5
Amount of support presidential candidate Ralph Nader has received in the new Zogby poll: 5.7%
Amount of support presidential candidate Pat Buchanan has received: 3.6%
Percentage of Americans who identify with a party other than Republican or Democrat: 38%
Number of political parties included by the Commission on Presidential Debates: 2
Amount donated by sponsor Anheuser-Busch to the presidential debate this year: $500,000 6
Number of muscles in a cat's ear: 32
Memory span of a goldfish: 3 seconds
Life span of a dragonfly: 24 hours 7
Percentage of total US energy utilization accounted for by air conditioners: 17%
Percentage of total carbon dioxide emitted by electricity generation: 35%
Number of degrees an air conditioner can be turned up if used with a ceiling fan: 9 8
Number of protestors one highly trained, highly armed
Washington, DC, police officer can handle: 2.86  9
Percentage of full-time, salaried Americans who work 50 or more hours per week: 37%
Average number of vacation days received per year in the US: 13
Average number of vacation days received per year in Japan: 25
Number of Japanese deaths per year attributable to overwork: 10,000 10
Number of children living and working on the streets in the developing world: 100,000,000
Percentage of 143 street children surveyed in Guatemala who had been sexually abused: 100%
Percentage of girls whose first sexual experience was with one of her parents: 64%
Percentage who admitted to contracting a sexually transmitted disease: 93%
Percentage who used contraceptives: 0 11

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