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U.S. administration’s budget request for border security at the U.S.-Mexican border: $1.9 billion
Cost of the 300-mile border wall: $900 million (1)

Total U.S. Agency for International Development budget for aid to Mexico for education, democracy, micro-finance, the environment, and capacity building for FY 2006: $31 million (2)



Square miles of Borneo’s rainforest inhabited by the endangered orangutan saved from clear-cutting by an international grassroots e-mail campaign by the nonprofit group Ecological Internet: 6,300 (3)



Percentage of university faculty classified as adjuncts, or part-time teachers, in 1970: 22 (4)

Percentage in 2005: 44

Percentage who receive health benefits or contributions to retirement: less than 20 (5)



Percentage of consumers polled who say they would pay more for books or magazines printed on recycled paper: 80 (6)



Percentage increase nationwide of dependence on the food stamp program in the last decade: 8

Percentage increase in counties with Wal-Mart stores: 15.3 (7)



Number of bras strung together by activists in Cyprus, Greece, to raise awareness of breast cancer: 114,000 (8)



Percentage of adults who support condom use to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections: 92

Percentage of Catholics who support: 93 (9)



Fine an elderly woman in California received for crossing the street too slowly: $114 (10)



Number of daily postings in the entire “blogosphere”: 1.2 million

Number of daily postings on MySpace, a networking site popular with 16 to 34-year-olds: 1.4 million (11)



Estimated number of people who die in the U.S. each year due to a lack of health insurance: 18,000

Number of people who died on 9/11: 2,819 (12)



Barrels of oil the U.S. consumes per day: 20 million

Barrels of oil the U.S. would have saved in 2006 alone if, starting in 2001, the government had implemented plans to raise fuel economy standards to 40 mpg by 2012: 500,000

Amount consumers would save at the gas pump this year: $8.7 billion

Tons by which carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced: 34 million (13)



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YES! Magazine graphic
Winter 2008

Percentage of Iranians who favor normal relations and trade with the United
States: 68
Percentage of Iranians who strongly support a
democratic system: 79

The souped-down 1959 Opel T-1 that achieved 376.59 miles per gallon in a 1973 contest. Photo by Cosmopolitan Motors
Summer 2008

Miles per gallon a car got in a 1973 contest sponsored by Shell: 376.59



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