The Page That Counts :: Fall 2005

Number of people on the U.S. “no-fly” list in September 2004: 19,000

Number of people on the list in April 2005: 31,000(1)


Number of times Senator Ted Kennedy was stopped and questioned at airports in March 2004 because  his name appeared on the list: 5(2)


Percent of American children expelled from school before they reach kindergarten: 6.67(3)


Average annual health care costs of an elderly person with income under $10,000/year: $14,692

Average annual health care costs of an elderly person with income over $30,000/year: $8,855(4)


Average amount each American spends on health care each year: $4,887

Average amount each Canadian spends on health care each year: $2,702(5)


Number of the 44 attempted gun purchases by people on the FBI terrorist watch list that the FBI failed to prevent last year: 35(6)


Number of interstate highways in Hawaii: 4

Number in Puerto Rico: 3(7)


Percent of Americans who say they do not follow international news because they lack background knowledge: 65

Percent of Americans who say they do not follow international news because there is too much war and violence: 42(8)


Percent of National Guard and reservists who could not be deployed last year because they had serious dental problems: 20

Percent of National Guard members without dental insurance: 40(9)


Number of U.S. newborns named Lexus since 2000: 1,495

The name's popularity rank: 792(10)


Shrinking of glaciers in the Alps each year since 1970: 1%

Years until the Alpine glaciers melt completely, if summers continue to be hot and dry: 50

Size of the blanket that a Swiss ski resort is using to try to save its glacier: 3–4,000 square meters(11)


Number of peer-reviewed articles on climate change published in scientific journals between 1993 and 2003 that disputed the reality of human-caused global warming: 0(12)


Number of American medical schools, out of 126 surveyed, that required students to take a course on death and dying before graduation: 4(13)


Miles per gallon that the Toyota Prius hybrid gets, city/highway: 60/51

Miles per gallon that the Ford Escape hybrid gets: 36/31

Miles per gallon that the Chevy Silverado hybrid gets: 18/21(14)


Percent increase in sales of the Prius over the last year: 21.3(15)


Number of times a moose rang a family's doorbell in Buvikåsen, Norway, before giving up: 2(16)


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