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Average minutes children six and under spend using TV, video, DVD or computers per day: 118

Minutes reading or being read to: 39 (1)


Increase in hours the average middle-income married couple with children worked in 2004 compared to 1979: 500 (2)


Number of TV commercials viewed by American children every year: 40,000 (3)


Age by which a child can develop brand loyalty: 2 (4)


Percentage of Harvard students who received average grades of B+ or better in 1950: 15%

Percentage in 2004: nearly 70% (5)


Average American CEO pay in 2005: $11.8 million

Average ratio of American CEO salaries to production worker pay in 2004: 431-to-1

Ratio in 1982: 42-to-1

Lowest legal wage today if the minimum wage had risen as fast as CEO pay since 1990: $23.03 an hour

Actual lowest minimum wage today: $5.15 an hour (6)


Percentage of female authors listed as #1 on The New York Times bestseller list from 1955-1964: 18%

Percentage over the past decade (1995 to 2004): 46%

Percentage this year so far: 50% (7)


Approximate Army recruiting costs per recruit in 1995: $ 8,000( 8)

Approximate Army recruiting costs per recruit in 2004: $15,000 (9)


Price tag Costco put on the original Picasso drawing. "Atelier De Cannes" in August: $129,999.99 (10)


Percentage of search hits for the term "peace" versus the term "war" on The New York Times website on October 6, 2005: 26% peace versus 74% war (11)

Percentage for YES! magazine: 97% peace versus 3% war (12)


Annual tax revenues a Wal-Mart store generates in Port Richey, Florida: $75,000

Total salary for the three police officers the town needed to handle the extra calls the store generated: $80,454 (13)


Number of topics Vivienne, the virtual "girlfriend" made by Artificial Life can discuss: 35,000 (14)


Percentage of Internet users who say being online has helped their ability to meet new people: 19% (15)


Estimated total cost of the current Iraq war by the end of the fiscal year 2005 (September 30): $204.6 billion (16)

Cost of funding 4.1 million full four-year scholarships for students at public universities: $201.7 billion (17)


Number of hybrid cars the Ford Motor Company plans to produce by 2010: 250,000(18)

Number of hybrids Toyota plans to produce by 2010: 1 million(19)


Number of gas pumps in Oregon as of September too old compute prices above $3: 200(20)


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