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Image of a water faucet

Global average gallons of water used each year to produce goods and services, per capita: 328,366

Annual per capita water use in the U.S.: 655,939

Annual per capita water use in China: 185,449 [1]

Number of people worldwide who do not have access to fresh water: 1.2 billion

Number of children who die each year for lack of access to clean water and adequate sanitation: almost 2 million [2]



Number of foreign-exchange high school students studying in the U.S. during the 2007-08 school year: 29,004

Number of American high schoolers studying abroad, 2007-08: 2,255 [3]



Detail from Chris Jordan's photograph of Oil Drums from Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption

Cost of a barrel of oil on May 25, 2007: $66.75

Cost of a barrel of oil on May 30, 2008: $126.06 [4]

Decrease in miles Americans drove in May 2008 compared to May 2007: 9.6 billion [5]

Increase in public transit trips Americans took in the first quarter of 2008 from the first quarter of 2007: 88 million [6]

Year by which lifting the ban on offshore drilling is projected to impact the price of crude oil and natural gas: 2030 [7]



Temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, on a synthetic turf field in New York City on July 6, 2007: 140

Temperature on an adjacent grass field receiving direct sunlight: 85

Atmospheric temperature of the area that afternoon: 78

Length of time, in minutes, at which exposure to surface temperatures above 122 degrees can result in skin injuries: 10 [8]



Percentage of 648 terrorist groups that ended between 1968 and 2006 because they entered the political process: 43

Percentage of terrorist groups that ended through police work and intelligence gathering: 40

Percentage of terrorist groups that ended due to military force: 7 [9]



Detail of China's Olympic World Record Wedding from Wikimedia Commons

Number of weddings that took place in Beijing on August 8, 2008: 15,646

Number of weddings in Beijing on August 8, 2007: 3,390 [10]



Estimated number of Community Supported Agriculture programs in the U.S. in 1990: 50

Number of CSA programs recorded in Local Harvest’s database as of September 2008: 2,098 [11]



Farmers lose their home in the Dust Bowl, from Wikimedia Commons

Millions of hectares of cropland lost each year worldwide due to soil erosion: 10

Factor by which soil erosion exceeds soil replenishment in the U.S.: 10

In China and India: 30 to 40

Percentage of the world’s arable land that has become unproductive as a result of erosion in the last 40 years: 30 [12]



More Page That Counts

From the United Nations Environment Programme's Billion Tree Campaign Album. Visit
Fall 2008

Original tree-planting goal of the UNEP's Billion Tree Campaign: 1 billion
The number of trees planted within the campaign's first 18 months: 2 billion


The souped-down 1959 Opel T-1 that achieved 376.59 miles per gallon in a 1973 contest. Photo by Cosmopolitan Motors
Summer 2008

Miles per gallon a car got in a 1973 contest sponsored by Shell: 376.59



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