The Page That Counts :: Fall 1997

Number of new families getting federal housing help in the mid '70s: 400,000

In the mid-'80s (Reagan years): 40,000

Number of new families to receive housing help under 1996 National Housing Act (passed Sept. 30, 1996): 01



Amount Americans gave to charity in 1995: approximately $140 billion2


Amount of tax breaks received by corporations in 1994: $167 billion

Total federal expenditure on welfare (AFDC): $50 billion3



Cost of the THAAD anti-missile being developed by Lockheed: $17 billion

Number of times it has been tested: 4

Number of tests it has failed: 44



Percentage increase since 1995 in the average tooth-fairy payment, per tooth: 10%5


Percentage increase in the median CEO's total pay ($1.9 million) in 1996: 24%6



Distance from the Sphinx's nose to the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken: 200 yards7



Amount spent at British corner shops to provide one local job: £50,000

Amount spent by customeres at UK supermarkets to provide one local job: £250,0008



Total number of hours a day San Franciscans lose sitting in traffic jams: 90,0009



Amount Michael Jordan makes in one year for his work with Nike: $20 million10


Amount earned daily by Indonesian factory workers manufacturing Nike athletic shoes: $2.2811



Amount Michael Jordan will make per game, assuming he averages 30 minutes a game: $300,000

Amount he will make per day, assuming $40 million in endorsements over the next year: $178,100

Amount M.J. makes every night while he sleeps (assuming 7 hours a night): $52,000

Amount he makes per hour more than the minimum wage: $7,415

Amount per year a person would make if M.J. gave them a tenth of a penny for every dollar he made: $65,00012



Number of years Michael Jordan would have to save 100% of his income (not counting interest) to have a net worth equivalent to that of Bill Gates: 560 years13



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