The Page That Counts :: Summer 2009

Approximate number of languages spoken in the world: 6,000

Number of these that are indigenous languages: 5,000

Number of languages that go extinct every year: 26 [1]



Percentage of Americans who spent time volunteering last year: 26.4

Median hours they donated: 52 [2]

Percent increase in adult volunteerism since 1989: 32

Percent increase in teen volunteerism since 1989: 200 [3]

Percent lower mortality rate found in older Californians who volunteered, compared to those who did not: 44 [4]



cigarette butts, photo by Ben Schumin, wikimedia

Number of cigarettes consumed in the United States in 1997: 480.5 billion

Number of cigarettes consumed in the United States in 2007: 360.5 billion [5]

Percentage of worldwide litter made up by cigarette butts: 28 [6]

Hours it takes two cigarette butts to kill 100% of the microorganisms in one liter of fresh water: 48 [7]



Percentage of games the Detroit Lions lost in the 2008 season: 100 [8]

Percentage of population African lions lost in the past two decades: 30 [9]

Percentage of habitat eastern U.S. mountain lions lost since European colonization: 95 [10]



Average hours per week married American mothers spent on child care in 1965: 10

In 2003: 14

Average hours per week married American fathers spent on child care in 1965: 2.5

In 2003: 7 [11]



TV, wikimedia commons

Average hours per day American youth spend watching television: 3.9

Engaging in physical activity: 1.4

Reading: 0.7 [12]



Percentage of automobile passengers in America who wore their seatbelts in 1988: 45

In 2008: 83 [13]



Chimpanzee picking nose, detail of a photo by Hae-Jun Kwon,

Percentage of time wild chimpanzees spend feeding: 32

Playing: 6

Picking their noses: 14 [14]


More Page That Counts

Spring 2009

Percentage of teenagers who say their social life would end or suffer without text messaging: 47
Percentage of teenagers who can text blindfolded: 42


Detail from Chris Jordan's photograph of Oil Drums from Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption
Winter 2009

Decrease in miles Americans drove in May 2008 compared to May 2007: 9.6 billion



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