The Page That Counts :: Winter 2004

Number of Americans living below the official poverty line ($19,000 for a family of four) in 2002: 34.6 million (1)

Number of public middle school students in Broward County, Florida, who mistakenly failed the year due to a computer error: 6,559 (2)

Percent of the world's population that relies on herbs as its primary form of medicine: 80 (3)

Number of people worldwide who do not have access to clean water: 1.2 billion (4)

Number of glasses of tap water you can drink for the same price as a six-pack of soda: over 4,000 (5)

Percent drop in property and violent crimes in the U.S. over the last decade: 50 (6)

Number of commercials the average U.S. child sees a day: 5 (7)

The value of parents' purchases influenced by their children in the 1960s: $5 billion (7)

The value in 1997: $188 billion (7)

Percent of U.S. kids who say friends and family are much more important than the things money can buy: 90 (8)

Increase in number of Americans from 2000 to 2002 who are driving alone to work: 2.1 million (9)

Tons of vegetation that a large swarm of desert locusts can consume in one day: 20,000 (10)

Length of Target Corporation's annual meeting on May 21, 2003: 15 minutes (11)

Target CEO Robert Ulrich's estimated hourly wage: $9,134 (12)

Average Target employee's hourly wage: $8 (12)

Percent increase in Ulrich's bonus between 2001 and 2002: 24.3 (13)

Percent Target stock fell during 2002: 36 (13)

Percent of Democrats who have tattoos: 18 (14)

Republicans: 14 (14)

Percent of Americans who do not have tattoos who think people with tattoos are less intelligent: 31 (14)

Percent of Americans who say having a tattoo makes them feel sexier: 34 (14)

Net flow of money every year from the poorest to the richest countries: $48 billion (15)

Value of annual aid loans and grants to the poorest countries: $32 billion(15)

Estimated number of soccer balls the U.S. government sent Iraq this summer to help “bring life back to normal”: 60,000(16)

Percent of NPR/PBS listeners and viewers who hold at least one of three misperceptions about the war in Iraq, including the incorrect belief that world opinion favored the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq: 23 (17)

Percent of Fox News Channel viewers who hold at least one of these three misperceptions: 80(17)


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