These activists are working to ensure Indigenous perspectives are included in fields as diverse as education, health care, and scientific research.
Kate Schimel
Years from 1972 to 2022 that Republicans have controlled the presidency: 29 Years from 1972 to 2022 that Democrats have controlled the presidency: 22 Number of Supreme Court justices appointed
Miles Schneiderman
Resmaa Menakem intersperses political commentary and predictions about American democracy with explanations of how racialized trauma presents in our bodies, and offers body-focused exercises to deal with it.
Ruth Terry
Degrowth invites us to envision a much deeper societal transition than simply swapping energy sources to maintain the status quo.
Jared Spears
Sarah Gilman is an independent writer, illustrator, and editor who covers the environment, natural history, science, and place. She spent 11 years as a staff and contributing editor at High
YES! Editors
We hope that our Summer 2022 issue was, well, a pleasure to read. The “Pleasure” issue explored what it truly means to center pleasure in our lives—how does it transform
YES! Editors
Dear Reader,  I’m writing to you the day the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. I am gutted and grieving for this country. I wander my house, distracted and short
Christine Hanna
Louise is principal/superintendent of Yuba Environmental Science Charter Academy, a free, public, K-8 charter school in Yuba County, California. What are your passions? My passion is the natural world. I
YES! Editors
This issue is dedicated to exploring pleasure as it connects to our efforts to change the world, and, hopefully, get free in the process.
adrienne maree brown
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