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The U.S. Just Surpassed the Number of Breweries We Had in 1873

And 26 other facts you should probably know.

Aug 16, 2016

The watts of electrical current drawn by a charging phone: 3.68 1

Watts drawn by a fully-charged phone that is still connected to an outlet: 2.24

Watts drawn when a charger is left connected to an outlet: 0.26

Percent chance of being bitten by a venomous snake in the United States: .00002 2

Percent chance of being struck by lightning in the United States: .00008 3

Percent chance of a woman in the U.S. experiencing physical violence by an intimate partner: 33 4

Percentage of non-white speaking-role characters in 2014’s top 100 films: 27 5

Percentage of minority Hollywood writers in 2014: 12 6

Minority percentage of U.S. population: 38 7

Percentage of waste Germany recycles and composts: 65 8

Percentage of waste South Korea recycles and composts: 59

Percentage of waste the United States recycles and composts: 35

Estimated net migration of Mexicans into the United States, 1995–2000: +2,270,000 9

Estimated net migration of Mexicans into the United States, 2009–2014: -140,000

Number of U.S. breweries in 1873: 4,131 10

Number in 1932: 0

Number in 1985: 110

Number in 2015: 4,269

Average price of a Big Mac (U.S. dollars) in Switzerland: $6.44 11

Average price in the United States: $4.93

Average price in Turkey: $3.41

Average price in Peru: $2.93

Average price in India: $1.90

Average price in Venezuela (though the Big Mac is temporarily off the menu due to a bread shortage): $0.66 12

Global median percentage of people who believe it is important that religion is able to be practiced freely in their country: 74 13

Global median percentage who believe it is important that women have the same rights as men in their country: 65

Global median percentage who believe it is important to have freedom of speech without state censorship in their country: 56

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Liza Bayless
Liza Bayless is a former editorial intern at YES!
Kate Stringer
Kate Stringer is a senior writer and digital producer at The 74 Media and a former editorial intern at YES!