Video Spotlight

Why Are Fossil Fuels Booming Under Biden?

Ahead of COP28 in Dubai, a new report by Oil Change International reveals a shocking boom in oil and gas production under President Biden.

Sonali Kolhatkar
Rev. Dr. Stephany Rose Spaulding says massive voter turnout in 2024 is the best chance to counter the continued dismantling of the Voting Rights Act.
Sonali Kolhatkar
Award-winning Palestinian American author Laila Elhaddad is one of the lead plaintiffs suing the Biden administration over its funding of Israel’s unfolding genocide in Gaza.
Sonali Kolhatkar
A documentary film chronicles the growth—and rare success—of a movement to take down a wall of shipping containers on the U.S-Mexico border.
Makepeace Sitlhou & Trilce Estrada Olvera & Hakob Karapetyan

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