Addressing domestic violence solely through the criminal justice system often doesn’t fix the problem or promote healing, and may actually cause additional harm. More holistic, trauma-informed approaches can give people a chance to process the deeper reasons for their behavior and allow them an opportunity to change.
Claudia Boyd-Barrett
Video Spotlight

Alicia Garza Talks About the Purpose of Power

By coming together and each finding our own unique way to contribute to the struggle, we can move ever closer to our collective liberation.

Sunnivie Brydum
“It feels like the universe is up to something.”
Sunnivie Brydum
Vandana Shiva holds on to hope that we can collectively bring Earth back into our imagination.
Breanna Draxler
You’ll probably learn something new about us. We certainly did.
Chris Winters
As the coronavirus upends lives, another public health crisis arises. New research shows eight times more people are under serious mental distress now.
Jean M. Twenge

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