Understanding Gen Z Voters

A Gen Z journalist explores the motivations of politically engaged young voters to flex their voting power—or not.

Gen Z’s Political Paradox

Zoomers are connected to political issues but disconnected to voting. A young reporter explores the reasons why this is true and what it will take to boost youth voter turnout.
Lajward Zahra

Claims of Mass Rape by Hamas Unravel Upon Investigation

This investigative report uncovers questionable sourcing and a striking lack of physical or eyewitness evidence in two early reports that have been widely cited to bolster claims that Hamas committed mass sexual violence in its Oct. 7, 2023, attack on Israel.
Arun Gupta
Christina Harvey, executive director of Stand Up America, spoke with YES! Senior Editor Sonali Kolhatkar on YES! Presents: Rising Up With Sonali about how her organization is preparing for a Trump presidential nomination.

Trump Wins in Iowa. Now What?

With Donald Trump’s landslide win at the Iowa Republican caucuses, pro-democracy groups are planning massive voter education campaigns.

The Most Censored Stories of the Year

Project Censored’s latest report shows that corporate media missed or misrepresented dozens of critically important stories this year.

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