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Transformative Justice: Thriving Forward Together

Transformative justice can form the basis for deep solutions to racial and gender-based injustices, mass incarceration, immigrant abuses, the climate emergency, and more.
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Inconvenient Identity: Magnus’ Story

Magnus has a heartbreaking conversation with their mom as she dices onions. In this video, created in a filmmaking workshop led by Outside the Frame and Oregon State University, Magnus tries to make
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Their Love: Nat’s Story

Nat, a nonbinary Latinx young person, experiences oppression, xenophobia and misgendering from their own family. Their mother has a spiritual experience that reveals the importance of honoring their child’s nonbinary
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Giving Tree: Michelle’s Story

In her journey on foot from Honduras to the United States, Michelle encounters family rejection, transphobia, and border patrol. In this video, created in a filmmaking workshop led by Outside the
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An Ecological Civilization: The Path We’re On

“An Ecolological Civilization: The Path We’re On” was a YES! Presents online conversation held on February 25, 2021. It was produced in partnership with YES! Media and the Institute for Ecological Civilization.

What Are Obstacles to Accountability?

Experts speak candidly about what gets in the way of true accountability—and why we should see it as an opportunity for growth.
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